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Business advisory services in Melbourne

For small to medium-sized business owners, growing your business from the ground up is never easy. It involves a lot of hard work, passion, commitment, and utilising your own resources. 


Which is why it can be crushing when you have to face problem after problem in your business without any seeming end in sight. 


The truth is, you will continue facing new challenges as you enter different stages of development. Some of those challenges include:


  • Maintaining a positive cash flow (the inability to maximise your resources and minimise costs)

  • Managing your staff (lack of time and resources to train them)

  • Acquiring customers (lead generation and sales strategies are ineffective)

  • Developing new systems and processes (bottlenecks develop due to business inefficiencies)


Trying to solve all of these issues by yourself will only set you up for failure. And studies indicate that savvy business owners see the value of receiving expert advice from professionals since the Australian business consulting and advisory industry is continuously growing. 


Working with a professional business advisor can help you resolve the problems you’re facing and take your business to the next level.

Why use a business advisor in a small and medium-sized business?

We want you to succeed and we’re committed to offering you the full range of our advisory services as we partner with you on your journey to successful business ownership.


We’ve helped a lot of businesses in their path to success, such as:


  • GOYA - Wellbeing app chosen by renowned organizations like Olympic committee & NBA

  • Neo - Construction technology SaaS (Software as a Service) start-up

  • Aconex - A construction technology start-up that turned into a global business


“Surayansh comes with a great range of talents across operations, sales, tech development, and marketing which he uses to discover underlying business problems and create well thought out solutions with maximum team buy-in. Even without previous experience in our industry he was able to grasp the complexities quickly and apply wins while taking the team on the journey to success with him, lowering stress, and upskilling those team members along the way. I'd highly recommend Surayansh for any business looking to solve complex problems.” - Matt B, Founder of Easy Weddings.


Our experience and wide range of skills and expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions to you depending on your business goals and problems. 


Our goal is to help you improve your processes, build a steady stream of income, and find funding opportunities so that your business can grow even further.


To do this, we establish a strategy with you and follow through with its execution.

Our 4-step proven business methodology 

After working with corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises for more than 20 years, we’ve established a four-step methodology that we know results in success for any business:

Step 1 - Discover the problem

We interview key individuals and ask them fundamental yet relevant questions to understand your business processes, pinpoint current problems, and discuss your targeted outcome.

Step 2 - Design the solution

We build a framework that addresses key issues within your business, ensuring that it has clear steps.

Step 3 - Implement, integrate, and align

As business advisors, we ensure that the framework is fully integrated and implemented across your entire business and that it aligns with your desired outcome and vision. 

Step 4 - Measure and improve

We create a measurable protocol for reviewing the solution’s progress and provide recommendations on how to improve it from there.


We’ve seen our methodology work consistently every time. But here’s our commitment to you:


If you can’t see any significant progress towards the outcomes we’ve detailed in our plan, we’ll refund your fees within the agreed time period of implementing changes. 


Our business advisory services address multiple areas across your business. We improve your systems and processes to reduce inefficiencies and errors. We analyse your financial statements to build a positive cash flow. 


We also help you in managing your staff, from hiring the right people to training them properly so that you can fully maximise their skills in your business.


Then we make sure that your vision and values are strongly aligned to how you run your business. So many small and medium-sized business owners compromise their principles just to break even. But we’ll ensure that your business embodies the best of your values as we help you succeed.


If you want to work with experienced business advisors who can help you in key business areas, we’d love to work with you.


Give us a call and we’ll build your business together.

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