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Business consulting services in AUSTRALIA

For small and medium-sized businesses, your resilience as the owner cannot be questioned. You saw an opportunity and backed yourself in despite the fact that up to 46% of new businesses shut down by their fourth year.   


That’s the cruel reality of business and becoming just another failure statistic is so easy without the right help. Nobody starts a business with a playbook of what to do (or what not to do). 


And as your business starts to grow, more problems will emerge like: 


  • Understanding your cash flow (and what’s being spend where) 

  • Managing staff and customers (they all have different needs and wants) 

  • Developing new systems and processes (and road testing them to ensure they work) 

  • Easing bottlenecks (creating solutions for what stops progress)  


But how do you decide what needs to be actioned first when you have so many competing focuses? 


That’s the advantage of working with a business consultant who understands where you are in business now and believes in what you want to achieve. 

Why use a business consultant in a small and medium-sized business?

Dosing fires can be a daily occurrence in a small or medium-sized business. And in the confusion and disorder of dealing with customer feedback and training staff (and doing your best to settle conflict and provide mentorship), it’s almost impossible to remain on track to achieving your goals. 


That’s where engaging a business consultant can help. 


They offer a fresh and valuable perspective on how to make your business better because they are neutral and objective about the problems you’re facing.


A good business consultant will go further by helping you achieve your vision and long-term goals by creating a unique strategy for your business and working with you to implement an actionable plan that leads to measurable results. 


Some of the services a business consultant will offer include:


  • Providing insight on a specific industry or market

  • Addressing business problems 

  • Identifying opportunities

  • Creating strategies to improve efficiency

  • Initiating major changes across the entire business


It’s important to note that business consulting is not business coaching. While both are essential in helping your business grow, each has a distinct purpose and offers different services. 


The main role of a consultant is to provide expert advice and methodologies for improving specific areas in your business.



Learnt from the best

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20 yrs of SOLID LEADERSHIP Experience

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Surayansh Surana

CEO at Founder's GO2

  • ​Ex-Oracle Director

  • Ex-Aconex Director

  • Executive Advisor

  • Part-time COO

  • Entrepreneur

  • Mindset Coach

  • Mentor

  • Reiki & EFT practitioner 

  • Dad

  • Husband

  • Nature Lover 

  • Breath Worker & Meditation Trainer​

How our business consulting services benefit small and medium-sized business owners

We know firsthand how important your business is to you because we’ve been in the same position ourselves. 


That’s why we’re committed to helping you succeed and grow. We’ve proven it before by working with: 


  • Aconex - A construction technology start-up that turned into a global business

  • Easy Weddings - Australia’s number one online wedding marketplace

  • Onboarded - Australia's top onboarding software for labour hire companies


“After the first session with Surayansh, I came to realise how little I knew about putting together an attractive Business Plan and Investor Pack. His knowledge, experience, patience, and passion for what he does has made it so easy to work with him and come up with a business plan beyond my expectation. I am now very confident we will secure an investor for our company easier and faster than I expected. 


I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs support to put together a successful business plan or is on the market to secure a potential capital investor. Surayansh is the guru of Business Plans and Investor Packs. Thank you for your support and good luck on your journey.” - Emmanuel M, Director and founder of ParkIt Valet. 


We’re dedicated to improving your processes and systems, building a steady stream of revenue for your business, and identifying funding opportunities. We provide a customised solution suited to your business because we know what you do is different. 

We’ll partner with you every step of the way so you become an Australian business success story.

Our 4-step proven business methodology 

With more than 20 years of experience working with corporations and small to medium-sized businesses, we know what it takes to get results and have broken success down to a four-step process:

Step 1 - Discover the problem

We conduct an interview with key individuals in your business and ask them thoughtful and fundamental questions so we can understand your processes, identify current problems, and establish the targeted outcome.

Step 2 - Design the solution

As business consultants, we create a framework that addresses specific gaps within your business. We define clear execution steps and identify the people involved.

Step 3 - Implement, integrate, and align

We ensure that the framework is fully integrated and implemented within your processes and that the framework aligns with your business goals and desired outcome.

Step 4 - Measure and improve

We establish a clear protocol for measuring and reviewing the solution’s progress and how to improve it from that point on.


We know our methodology works, but here’s our commitment to you. 


If you don’t see significant progress towards the outcomes we’ve detailed in our strategic transformation plan, we will refund your fees within the agreed time period of implementing changes.  


Our business consulting services target major key areas to increase your efficacy and growth. We minimise the daily chaos you have to deal with by optimising your processes. We build a positive cash flow by managing your costs and resource allocation.


Then we ensure that there’s a strong alignment between your vision and how your business actually operates. Small and medium-sized business owners often make compromises to keep afloat, but we’ll make sure you achieve your goals while keeping your values and vision intact.


If you want an experienced business consultant who can help you grow your business with an actionable plan, then we’d love to partner with you. 


Give us a call and let’s achieve your goals together.

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BUILD steady Revenue

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BRING order in operations



Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Robert Phillpot co-founder at aconex logo 2.png

Robert P

Co-founder, Construction technology start-up that turned to become a mid size global business

“Everyone told Surayansh that we are not going to make it. Through his persistence and unwavering commitment, here we are 1 week prior to the DoD deadline having delivered what everyone thought was impossible”


Announced at an all hands after successful achievement of a major milestone of a large & complex initiative for DoD

Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Matt Butterworth founder at Easy Weddings & VenueCrew logo.png

Matt B

Founder, Australia's #1 events marketplace

“Surayansh comes with a great range of talents across operations, sales, tech dev and marketing which he uses to discover underlying business problems and create well thought through solutions with maximum team buy-in. Even without previous experience in our industry he was able to grasp the complexities quickly and apply wins while taking the team on the journey to success with him, lowering stress and upskilling those team members along the way. I'd highly recommend Surayansh for any business looking to solve complex problems.”

Bruce H

Founder of innovative wellbeing app chosen by renowned organizations like Olympic committee & NBA

“Every now and then, someone surprises you even more than you expect and it's amazing when it happens. Surayansh is quite simply a diamond in the rough. Super professional, easy to deal with, get's things done - no fuss, just done. Cannot recommend him highly enough for managing a team through complex, time and budget bound software deliveries.”

Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Google waymo logo.PNG

Saurav P

Head Of Manufacturing Operations, Test & Product Quality at Waymo Google - Self Driving Car

"Surayansh is an amazing executive advisor and sounding board. Seamlessly sees through & solves complex business operation problems. I highly recommend Surayansh!"

Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Raj Soni founder at Onboarded & SmartAI logo.pngonboarded logo.png

Raj S

Founder of Australia'a #1 onboarding software for labour hire companies

"I had great experience working with Founder's GO2. Surayansh’ ideas and tips helped refine our sales demo methodology which had a great impact. We have seen an increased conversion rate on back of his strategic advice. I highly recommend Surayansh"

Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Emmanuel Marie co-founder at Parkit Valet logo.png

Emmanuel M

Director & Founder, Start-up - valet parking automation system

“After the first session with Surayansh, I came to realisation of how little I knew on how to put together an attractive Business Plan/Investor Pack. His knowledge, experience, passion for what he does and his patience  has made it so easy to work with him and come up with a, beyond expectation, business plan that I am now very confident will secure our company an investor much easier and faster that I expected.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs support to put together a successful business plan or is on the market to secure a potential Capital Investor, Surayansh is the guru of Business Plans and Investor Packs. 

Thank you for your support and good luck on your journey…” 

Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Daniel Ouliaris co-founder at Neo Intelligence logo.jfif

Daniel O

Co-founder, Start-up - Construction Tech

“Surayansh is energetic, methodical & exceptional at swiftly identifying & solving complex business problems. He demonstrated strong expertise in strategy, pricing, processes, growth modelling, investor readiness, sales psychology, impactful communication & effective messaging. I highly recommend him!”

Testimonial for Founder's GO2 from Peter Fischer, founder at EntertainmentOZ logo.jfif

Peter F

CEO, EntertainOZ & Land restoration project

“Surayansh operates with high integrity & strives for excellence. My dealings with Surayansh has shown that he is a creative, actioning person with a vision and a strong solutions oriented person with great leadership qualities!”