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 identify & pursue opportunities with confidence

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20 yrs of SOLID LEADERSHIP Experience

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Surayansh Surana

CEO at Founder's GO2

  • ​Ex-Oracle Director

  • Ex-Aconex Director

  • Executive Advisor

  • Part-time COO

  • Entrepreneur

  • Mindset Coach

  • Mentor

  • Reiki & EFT practitioner 

  • Dad

  • Husband

  • Nature Lover 

  • Breath Worker & Meditation Trainer​

area of expertise


BUILD steady Revenue

BRING order in operations



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Co-founder, Construction technology start-up that turned to become a mid size global business

Robert P

“Everyone told Surayansh that we are not going to make it. Through his persistence and unwavering commitment, here we are 1 week prior to the DoD deadline having delivered what everyone thought was impossible”


Announced at an all hands after successful achievement of a major milestone of a large & complex initiative for DoD

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Head Of Manufacturing Operations, Test & Product Quality at Waymo Google - Self Driving Car

Saurav P

"Surayansh is an amazing executive advisor and sounding board. Seamlessly sees through & solves complex business operation problems. I highly recommend Surayansh!"

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Director & Founder, Start-up - valet parking automation system

Emmanuel M

“After the first session with Surayansh, I came to realisation of how little I knew on how to put together an attractive Business Plan/Investor Pack. His knowledge, experience, passion for what he does and his patience  has made it so easy to work with him and come up with a, beyond expectation, business plan that I am now very confident will secure our company an investor much easier and faster that I expected.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs support to put together a successful business plan or is on the market to secure a potential Capital Investor, Surayansh is the guru of Business Plans and Investor Packs. 

Thank you for your support and good luck on your journey…” 

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Co-founder, Start-up - Construction Tech

Daniel O

“Surayansh is energetic, methodical & exceptional at swiftly identifying & solving complex business problems. He demonstrated strong expertise in strategy, pricing, processes, growth modelling, investor readiness, sales psychology, impactful communication & effective messaging. I highly recommend him!”

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CEO, EntertainOZ & Land restoration project

Peter F

“Surayansh operates with high integrity & strives for excellence. My dealings with Surayansh has shown that he is a creative, actioning person with a vision and a strong solutions oriented person with great leadership qualities!”


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