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Business Coach Melbourne Offering Management and Consulting Services

Running small to medium-sized businesses can be tough. Your resilience is really tested through the countless hours you have put in. Business is a tough industry, which is why 60% of businesses fail in Australia. You definitely don’t want to bet on those odds.


Getting the right help is crucial to push your business past that statistic. As your business grows so does the complexity of your problems. No one comes into the industry with all the answers which make it even more necessary to get a helping hand.

Here are some complex problems you may face:

  • Day-to-day process optimization. 

  • Getting the most out of your staff and team.

  • Lead generation and conversion.

  • Building a clear direction and focus for the future of the company.


Juggling all of this on top of your other focuses? It’s almost impossible. 


Having a good business management consultant elevates your business by providing valuable insight into your business operations while still maintaining alignment with your goals and focus.

Why use business management and consulting services in a small to medium-sized business?

As your business problems grow to become more and more complex, it becomes near impossible to solve them without specialist skills that you may be lacking. These problems are some of the key factors that differentiate businesses from failure and success.


A good business management consultant will offer services such as:


  • Risk Management

  • Providing insightful information on a market or industry

  • Solving complex business problems

  • Process optimization and management

  • Implementing and integrating major changes


It is important to understand that business management consulting is different from business coaching. Both are essential in business growth, each offering its own unique services.


A management consultant provides you with insightful guidance to change certain aspects of your business.

How our business coaching services benefit small and medium-sized business owners  

Developing from a small business ourselves, we know from firsthand experience how important your business is to you.

We are dedicated to helping your business reach that next level of success. 


And we’ve done it before. We’ve partnered with companies like:

  • GOYA - A wellbeing app, chosen by renowned organizations like the Olympic committee & the NBA

  • ParkIt Valet - A valet parking automation system start-up

  • Onboarded - Australia's top onboarding software for labor hire companies


Every now and then, someone surprises you even more than you expect and it's amazing when it happens. Surayansh is quite simply a diamond in the rough. Super professional, easy to deal with, gets things done - no fuss, just done. Cannot recommend him highly enough for managing a team through complex, time and budget-bound software deliveries.  - Bruce Hultgreen, Head of development at GOYA.


Surayansh is an amazing executive advisor and sounding board. Seamlessly sees through & solves complex business operation problems. I highly recommend Surayansh! - Saurav Paul, Head Of Manufacturing Operations, Test & Product Quality at Waymo.


We’ve implemented a tried and tested custom-based solution process because we know every business is different. 


And we’ll commit to being with you every step of the way on your journey to success.

Our 4-step proven business methodology 

After 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of companies, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses all the way up to corporations, we have formulated a 4 step success plan.

Step 1 - Discover the problem

Asking questions is the first step to getting an answer. We interview pivotal individuals in your business to deeply understand your operations, identify your problems and see eye to eye on an outcome.


Step 2 - Design the solution

We then develop a framework that tackles the key gaps in your business. By then providing clear execution steps, we set up the solution to be actioned.

Step 3 - Implement, integrate, and align

We then ensure that there is complete alignment between your goals and the solution to then integrate and implement the solution.

Step 4 - Measure and improve

We conclude on a protocol in order to measure and review the progress of the solution and how to better it.


Still don’t believe us? Here is our commitment to you.


If you don’t see notable improvement towards your goals, we’ve detailed in our strategic transformation plan, we will provide a refund within the agreed time period of implementing changes.


Our management consulting services assist in your organization’s marketing and sales efforts by creating and implementing content marketing plans. We transform your day-to-day operations by aligning your goals with how your business operates. 


If you want an experienced business consultant who can help you grow your business with an actionable plan, then we’d love to partner with you. 


If you want a skillful business coach in Melbourne who can help you rapidly grow your business, Give us a call and let’s achieve your goals together.

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