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Boost Revenue with Sales Coach Australia | Founders Go2

Updated: Jul 2

Sales coaches

Flourishing in a competitive market or an industry can be difficult, primarily amongst established market leaders and disruptive new startups popping up every other day. An astounding 2 of every three businesses fail within the first three years, partly due to not standing out from the crowd and attracting enough of the correct type of customers. Enlisting the expertise of a Sales Coach Australia can make a significant difference, providing tailored strategies to help your business thrive and succeed in such a challenging environment.

Different successful organisations have a solid customer engagement & sales process that profoundly understands their client and industry problems and is delivered clearly and compellingly. However, not truly understanding and solving the core problem guarantees your sales attempt to fall on deaf ears. Moreover, as businesses get more hungry for cash, their issues around securing clients start to hurt more and more.


Some of the major hurdles most businesses face include:

  • Generating quality leads

  • Lengthy sales cycle

  • Converting leads into sales

  • Charging a rewarding price


Having a professional sales coach can alleviate these issues.

Why use a coach for sales in Australian businesses?

Attracting and engaging clients is a tricky yet essential skill to acquire to ensure business success. Without the proper sales skills, your lack of adequate cash flow bottlenecks your business progression. Unfortunately, a minimal number of business owners have the luxury of having the time to learn it. Especially in today's market scenario, having help as a sales coach is vital to save you from becoming another failure statistic.


Having extensive sales acumen, a sales coach takes your sales process to the next level. They provide:

  • Strategic advice around how to attract potential clients 

  • A deep insight into your clients' problems 

  • Assistance in developing a clear and compelling sales pitch

  • Guidance into developing customer interest and closing the sale 

  • Direction on how to appropriately charge a rewarding price


A good sales coach also aids in shortening the customer sales cycle and increasing customer satisfaction. A sales coach achieves this by conducting a deep industry analysis to develop a thorough understanding of the market. Then by developing sales teams skills, providing advice around social media broadcasting, sales strategy and implementing proven sales models, the business can grow and convert promising leads.


It has to be emphasised that sales coaching is a critical position that brings complete synchronisation of your business vision and direction with the sales plan.

How our sales coaching services benefit businesses in Australia

Coming from over 20 years of experience, we have found that sales are the least understood aspect of running a business. So our sales coaching services are calibrated to be elite, helping your business take that leap towards success. 


We've proven it by working with:

  • NEO - a Construction tech SaaS startup. Operations in AU & NZ

  • Easy Weddings - Australia's number one online wedding marketplace

  • SPHINX - a 400+ staff company in automobile design & information technology


"I had a great experience working with Founder's GO2. Surayansh's ideas and tips helped refine our sales demo methodology, which had a great impact. In addition, we have seen an increased conversation rate on the back of his strategic advice. I highly recommend Surayansh." - Raj Soni, Co-founder of SmartAI.


"Surayansh is energetic, organised & exceptional at swiftly identifying & solving complex business problems. He demonstrated strong strategy, pricing, processes, growth modelling, investor readiness, sales psychology, impactful communication & effective messaging. I highly recommend him!" - Daniel Ouliaris, Co-Founder of Operations Management.


We believe that, above all, it should be your business through and through, which is why we maintain complete alignment between your vision and goals and our processes.


By using our four steps proven business methodology, we can custom build solutions suited for your business.

Our 4-step proven business methodology 

Our custom based 4 step procedure has been fine-tuned using over 20 years of diversified experience to deliver results in any business.


Step 1: Discover the problem.

We pinpoint current client and industry problems by interviewing critical clients in the company. Understanding is a deep part of this process, so we ask targeted and specific questions to understand your processes better to develop a solution. 

Step 2: Design the solution.

We design a custom based framework to address pivotal issues within your business. We make sure it has critical steps to ensure easy and seamless integration.


Step 3: Implement, integrate, and align

We then integrate and implement the framework across the entirety of your business and verify if it is in synergy with your outcome and vision.  


Step 4: Measure and improve.

We then establish a protocol to assess the framework's progress then and suggest any improvements.

We are confident our process works. But here is our commitment to you.


If you are not satisfied with the progress made towards the results you want, we'll provide you with a refund within the agreed time after implementing any changes.


Our sales coaching services offer significant value to the overall success of your business. Our business acumen, developed over years of experience, highly upgrades your sales strategies and processes. In addition, we provide you with the steps necessary to achieve your goals and get to that next success milestone.


Your business values and goals will remain strongly intertwined with our coaching services because, above all else, it is your business. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to help you succeed.


If you are interested in working with a highly accredited, experienced sales coach, we would love to partner with you.


Give us a call, and we'll build your business together.

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