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  • Surayansh Surana

Why now 👇, YES right now is an unbelievably good time 👌🕗 to create new products & services 🎁?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

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Hello everyone, I’m Surayansh, an executive business advisor at FoundersGO2. If you are in a business today, you don’t want to overlook the benefits of expanding your offering right now and make it almost impossible for your customers to consider your competition. You know that product or service differentiator you always wanted to build? That expansion in to a related product or service that you had been putting off? I truly believe that now is the time to take aggressive actions towards that.

You say, I am crazy. I am not. Smart businesses are doing exactly that. Let me explain why. Things like high cost & lack of time that has previously deterred you from expanding your product or service offer, doesn’t apply in these current times. Most business have that thinking & planning time that is required to establish what to build.

Cost: You can hire some of the best talents for a much lower cost than before. There are more and more professionals opening up to short term & casual contracts. So my suggestion is: review your product/service roadmap. Establish what is still relevant and seriously consider executing on the highest value change now.

And in the process of doing that create a mark in front of your customers. I hope this was useful. Thanks for listening.

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