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What Makes a Good Consultant

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

A question frequently asked is what makes a good consultant. This question may differ from company to company, but the answer remains the same. It's simply a matter of applying yourself to the job and working it to your full advantage. There are several attributes to look for, including patience, humility among others. Let us discuss a few key traits that top consulting professionals have.


It takes time to build up the reputation of a consulting expert. The consultant has to be patient and persistent to build up a client base. While this does mean that some consultants never make a dime, they constant often get the jobs they want.


Most people expect their consultants to act and speak like an employee. Top consulting firms recruit top consultants because they have a particular manner of speaking, which is not how most consultants are taught. Top consulting firms want to surround themselves with like-minded people. This is why they screen and hire their employees. In other words, they hope to hire the best consultants around.

This trait is perhaps the most difficult to acquire, especially when one first begins working at a firm. A good consultant must be humble to thrive. While many people are egotistical and believe that they know best to run a consulting firm, this is simply not true. The best consultants in the world are those who are humble. They realize that their clients are just as important as any other asset on the team.

The Right Connections

Being connected is essential for all different types of positions in life. However, it is necessary for good consultants. Consulting firms need to have access to information in other parts of the world. In addition, good consultants must be able to scout out opportunities with their connections.

The Ability to Communicate

Every successful consultant needs to put in the hours. Unfortunately, some people only work hard during their lunch break. While it is crucial for them to get the work done, it is even more critical for them to put in the hours and be consistent. It takes seven to ten hours of work a day for a consultant to be considered a good consultant. Unfortunately, some people are not compatible, or they just do not work hard, so they are not good consultants.

Attention to Detail and Organizational Skills

All great consultants possess excellent attention to detail and organizational skills. These are important because no matter how many things you do if you do not have an organized approach to everything, you will have issues with your job. Some people also lack organizational skills, but they are great consultants. If you have problems with the organization, you should be a good consultant. If you do not have these traits, you may want to consider working as an intern for a consulting firm.


All successful consultants need help when they are struggling. This is why they are consulting. If you are a successful consultant, you likely have many friends who are successful consultants. You need help getting started in the consulting world, and you can get this help by hiring interns.

The key to becoming a successful consultant is networking. As you network with other successful consultants, you will begin to learn about what makes a good consultant. For example, if you attend seminars or conventions where successful consultants give speeches, you will find out what makes a good consultant. Networking is the key to becoming successful in this field.

In conclusion, if you are a successful consultant, you probably have all of the traits listed above. If not, you should strongly consider attending one of the many internship series held by consulting firms. Interning with the best consultants in the industry will significantly enhance your skills as a professional. Good luck!

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