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What Is the Coaching Process in Business

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

"Coaching is the process of helping someone to see and then achieve their goals. Coaches can help people with a variety of personal or professional challenges, but they are not therapists."

This blog post will be looking at what coaching in business is about by discussing how it differs from therapy. It will also look at why you might engage a coach as part of your work life, and finally consider what sort of questions you should ask when researching potential coaches for yourself.

What Is The Coaching Process In The Business Of

  • To develop new business ideas and help the entrepreneur create a strategy for implementing the idea into a real business.

  • Building new business ideas through a step-by-step method leads to the entrepreneur's goal of starting and making money with their business.

  • Collaboration between an entrepreneur and a coach who guides the person through starting and running their business.

How Long Is The Coaching Process

The typical time to start a new business ranges from 3-12 months but there are no hard and fast rules. Coaching sessions typically last for an hour each week or every two weeks.

A typical coaching process takes place over a period of forty sessions, each lasting 1 hour.

The exact length of time it takes to start your business depends on the specific goals and processes you have chosen as well as a combination of other factors such as the state of the economy and how quickly you can find new clients and customers for your business idea.

How Does The Coaching Process Work

Strengths And Skills

The coaching process begins with an evaluation of your business idea, strengths and skills. The coach then customizes a plan for you that will help you achieve your dreams and make money doing what you love.

This step-by-step plan will include

  • Identifying the problem or need your business is meeting

  • Gathering information about related industries

  • Choosing a target market for your business

  • Formulating a competitive advantage plan

  • Developing a brand name and identity

  • Designing and producing marketing materials

  • Selecting, securing, and staffing the appropriate office space for your business

Secure And Manage Staff

Include ongoing support from your coach who will help you select, secure and manage staff; find suppliers and distributors for your product; deliver your service or product to clients as well as assist you with managing the financial aspect of your business.

Guide In Building Profitable Business

Through coaching the coach will guide you step by step through building a successful and profitable business from scratch.

The coach will also provide ongoing support, encourage you to follow through on each step of the process, and help you become self-sufficient in running your own business.

How Can I Find The Right Coach For Me And My Company

There are many questions that new entrepreneurs find difficult to answer. One of the most common is how do I choose a coach and mentor? Especially when you have not experienced coaching before?

Here are some useful tips to help guide you...

  • When getting a coach or mentor think about 6 key areas: a) Values b) Standards c) Ethics d) Business Experience e) Sales experience (or relevant experience for your industry f) Financial Acumen

  • It is important that you feel comfortable and aligned with someone. You want to choose a coach too who you can relate to. Someone who shares similar values, objectives and is passionate about helping others succeed in life and business.

  • Another way to find the right fit is to think about the services and training that you would like. Then search for coaches or mentors who specialize in these areas of your business.

  • You don't have to work with someone full-time. Many people choose part-time, online coaching others prefer one-off events (e.g. 1-day Bootcamp or seminar).

  • An important word of caution, if someone promises the world and their service sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Check out their testimonials, previous clients, and references (if possible).

Research the person online, see what they are saying on their Facebook page. Do some quick searches in Google, LinkedIn and see what comes up under their name.

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