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This may be why your ads and sales pitches are not working...

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Here is 1 discipline that might be enough to increase your revenue pretty much instantly 👇

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Delivering your pitch with clear, bold & impactful message to your customers is key to higher sales conversion & revenue. Despite businesses spending a lot of cost & effort in clear & attractive articulation of their offer, why do we see a lack in consistent & compelling delivery of that to their customers?

It’s pretty simple. The delivery of this messaging is done by one or more individuals in your organisation e.g a sales rep, a marketing staff, a customer service agent, etc. When these individuals are not truly sold & clear on the key value proposition, it comes across in their communication.

So, here is something that might help. Sell your value proposition to your internal staff before clients. Have them truly understand & appreciate it. Conduct periodic refresher sessions for it to stay relevant and current. So when they are in front of the customers they smash it!

Surayansh @Founder’sGO2; guaranteeing business improvements

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