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The Essential Elements of a Digital Business Strategist

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The term "digital business strategist" sounds like a phrase that might have come from a futuristic science-fiction movie. But in fact, the time applies today more than ever to modern business, especially as companies try to go mobile and reach global markets. A digital business strategist works as a master subject matter expert (SEO) for products and digital initiatives and helps partner and segment leaders to give advice, support, and information to multiple stakeholders across multiple channels. Here are some of the core skills that define this exciting new role.


A digital business strategist helps guide and define company strategy and positioning. She analyses competitive threats, determines business objectives, and identifies digital business capabilities. She then brings those key components together to create a comprehensive digital strategy. This strategy is then leveraged to drive business value and competitive advantage. The strategic analyst then develops plans and tactics to achieve those goals.


The execution of the digital business strategy is another crucial part of the process. This involves the creation of plans and tactics to support the system through implementation. Those plans and tactics should include specific tasks and deliverables, marketing approaches, technology considerations, and other activities to bring about the expected results. A digital business strategist also provides guidance and expertise to ensure that these planned actions meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.


As part of the measurement of the success of any digital business strategy, the strategist brings real-life metrics to the table. Those measurements include the results of the process and tactics, market perceptions and other vital factors. They are used to ensure that the company meets its objectives while ensuring that it is not overly luring to potential customers. Then, the digital business strategist tracks the results, presents data to management, and makes recommendations.

Strategic Vision:

This is the ultimate goal of any digital business strategist: to create a vision for the company that aligns with its mission and goals. It is meant to be the guiding principle that guides all internal and external actions in building a better business. Next, the digital business strategist creates a roadmap for the future. Next, they evaluate how the company is doing, analyses the processes and practices, and identify new opportunities. From there, they provide recommendations on improving or changing those processes and techniques so that the company can continue to grow and thrive.

Alignment with Stakeholders:

The digital business strategist must understand and align with all of the key stakeholders within the organisation. This includes critical customers, employees, suppliers, the regulatory environment, and so forth. The focus must always remain on the result of the deliverables. If it does not, the strategy will never be sustainable. Having a solid and united stakeholder base means you have a far greater chance of successfully executing your plan.


The digital business strategist also needs to have influence and authority in the marketplace. They should be able to drive the right kind of sales and marketing through all channels. In addition, the digital business strategist needs to have the ability to shape the conversation and set the trends. Finally, they should have insights into the marketing plans and influence how they are executed. The key is to make sure that you have an effective and comprehensive strategic plan in place before you go into business for yourself.

When you are ready to hire a digital business strategist, do the due diligence on each one. Ask plenty of questions, and consider working with only those who have an exceptional level of knowledge, expertise, and passion for their work. You want your efforts to be as aligned with your business's goals as possible.

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