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Sales principle (4 of 5) - The value of a Genuine, Bold 👊 & Compelling pitch - (1 min watch) 👇

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Many of us have come across sales pitches where most of the emphasis is on how great their product 📦 or service is. There is a clear lack of respect for the customers time ⏰ and diminishes your chance to demonstrate the ability to solve their problems and score a sale. The art is in using your pitch to simplify their decision making so much that they are compelled to buy.

In this video, I want to share my thoughts on the Why, How and What comprises a compelling sales pitch 🧐.

Interested to hear your thoughts on this.


Do your customers a favour. After having received their time & attention from the first connection to this pitch meeting, make sure to deliver a pitch that is truly nourishing for your customer. A pitch that only focuses on the solution of their key problems. A pitch that helps them clearly see the benefits & ROI from accepting your offer. One that simplifies their decision making so much that it is a no brainer for them to act on your offer.

It is such a powerful and engaging experience when you can deliver your offer, your pitch in a succinct, bold and a compelling way, you create the clarity, simplicity and the confidence required for them to make the buying decision.

Hope this was useful.

Surayansh @Founder’sGO2; guaranteeing business improvement

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