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Making big business decisions under extreme emotions? The below message 👇 might help...

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

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Business can be a roller coaster ride alright. It is common & normal for business owners to have waves of emotions. However it can hurt the business when business owners make big changes/decisions during these extreme ends of these emotions. We are experiencing this right now.

COVID has created unprecedented times for a lot of businesses and destroyed the projected plans catching business owners off guard. This is creating a lot of worry & pessimism and, leading to extreme & rushed decisions like halting everything, closing down, etc. That may be exactly the opposite of what one should do for their business right now.

Let’s take an example of one of the worst hit businesses, say a restaurant. Even if you have a restaurant business in the middle of a lockdown, there is an opportunity to pivot to do deliveries, online culinary trainings, sell recipe e-books, trade groceries and more. Action takers are doing this right now.

So my suggestion is don’t make significant decisions when you are feeling extreme emotions. Wait out a day or a week if that’s what it takes for you to come back to balance. If the decision can’t wait that long, get some help from a friend, colleague or a coach. Borrow strength! Hope this was useful. Thanks for listening.

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