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Jobs of a Small Business Consultant

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Finding out about possible jobs of a small business consultant is not as complicated as you might imagine. It's much easier than you might think. You can find this type of job without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Of course, before you get started searching for these positions, you'll need to figure out just what a small business consultant does. Here's an overview.

What is a Small Business Consultant

A small business consultant works with other business owners to help them realize their goals. Specifically, a consultant will help other businesses develop and implement strategies to achieve those goals. A consultant will then analyze the business's operations and identify areas in need of improvement. From there, the consultant will create and implement a plan for addressing the problem.

The plan will be implemented and tracked using data gathered during the consultant's analysis. So, what are the most common types of tasks that a small business consultant might perform? In short, every consultant works on a specialized job.

Let's look at three of the most common:


When a business needs some help to understand its problems, the business owner typically hires a consultant to analyze and provide a plan for dealing with the issue. The consultant's report is then presented to the business owner along with a suggested course of action. However, consultants aren't limited to working with large companies. Some consultants run consulting businesses out of their homes or even out of their home offices. Whatever the case, every business needs a consultant.


Marketing consultants are usually responsible for advertising a business. They help companies promote their products and services to the broadest audience they can reach. If they have expert marketing advice, they can push the profitability of a business. This is why a consultant is almost always included in a business's payroll. A marketing consultant can also work as an outside marketing consultant to generate new business.

Customer Services

The most critical aspect of a small business is not even its products or services but its customer service. This is where a consultant comes in handy. A business consultant can analyze the customer service policies of a company and help devise ways to improve the system. He can also present ideas and options that may be deadlocked between the employees and the management and help sort them out.


Another one of the more common consultant positions in finance. In finance, the consultant works with the employees to examine their finances and recommend changes that can help improve their bottom line. There are many finance jobs, including general consultants who deal with all areas of finance, and there are many specific consultant positions in this field. For example, a consultant who works with businesses that provide mortgage services may focus on loan modifications.

Strategic Planning

A final one of the more general consultant positions is strategic planning. These types of positions are often less defined, but it is usually the responsibility of a consultant to come up with a strategy for a company. There are many different kinds of strategic planning, including focusing on expansion, operations, and restructuring. In these cases, the consultant will meet regularly with the principals to build a strategy together. This can be a very involved process, but it can also be very lucrative if done right.

Other consulting firms do a variety of different tasks. For example, they may offer healthcare consulting or professional consulting services. They may be involved in training programs and classes as well. The more specialized a consulting firm gets, the more they can charge for their services. There are many different places where consultants can find work. Small companies, large companies, hospitals, accounting firms, and counselling firms are just some of the places where consultants can find employment.

Of course, this list doesn't even begin to cover the jobs that don't yet have a place in the world of consulting firms. You can find consulting job listings online and find freelance posting boards that allow you to find jobs yourself. You can even go to different career websites and see what they are hiring for. Remember to use your imagination and be creative because the only person who knows what the future holds for you is yourself. No one knows what the future holds, but at least you know where you want to be in this industry.

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