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Is there something you have been holding off from expressing 🗣? You are not alone. This might help 👇

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

(1 min video) 👇

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A lot of us suppress our true feelings & beliefs to comply. This leads to feeling like we have lost our voice on certain aspects of our life. It can hurt us most in the professional area of our life where we feel we have the least control.

So how can we deal with it?

Start with really identifying what is that you want to express. A pen and paper is your best friend. Do a brain dump of everything that comes. Do that twice, preferably separated by a day. The exercise of putting it all down on paper alone will really help you feeling less suppressed. It will also help separate the emotional from the factual.

At the end of your last write-up, you would have filtered out any strong emotions, leaving you with the specific things that you need to express. Now you are ready to express it. It will likely be received much better as it free from attached emotions.

Hope this was useful.

Surayansh @Founder’sGO2; guaranteeing business improvement

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