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If you are still waiting for things to go back 🔙 to normal, you may appreciate this👇

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

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Are you one of the businesses that is still waiting for or craving for things to go back to normal? This could be a wild fantasy. Way to operate businesses has significantly changed in the last few months and it is almost certain that it is not going to be the normal as we know it. More and more businesses are allowing staff to work from home permanently. Most sales meetings have moved online. Pretty much all ordering for supplies can be done remotely. Businesses are being awarded work without physically inspecting their office spaces & factories.

My suggestion is: start with accepting that it is very unlikely that things will ever go back to the old way of being. Embrace the change. Establish the impact of this change to your business activities (sales, marketing, hiring, supply, deliveries and the rest). Take actions to align your business to this new reality. For areas that are overwhelming for you, seek external help from a friend, colleague or a coach! Hope this was useful. Thanks for listening

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