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  • Surayansh Surana

Here is why you shouldn't drain your time ⏰ working on skills that are non-transferable! - (1 min)👇

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

If it wasn’t obvious before COVID 😷,  it is now. We can’t afford to drain our time ⏰ working on skills that are non-transferable! i.e. tied ⛓  to one industry or market.  - (1 min read)

We have seen evidence that circumstances can change very quickly not just for an individual or a business but also for the entire globe 🌎. 

Furthermore, high profile global institutions are suggesting that we are embarking on the next industrial revolution that is likely to have a huge impact 💥 on how we function (more on this soon).

Today’s dynamic environment demonstrates that our jobs, businesses and customers are subject to frequent disruptions.  

So we really can’t depend on skills that are non-transferable.  

As a thought-starter💡, I will share my own example here. I focus on the industry-agnostic skill of solving complex and high-risk business problems that most others wouldn’t want to take on. Initiatives that have high risk but high rewards for businesses💰. 

If you have also transitioned your skills or considering a skill that you might like to take on, I’d be very keen to hear from you.

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