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  • Surayansh Surana

“Focus on having intelligent 🧠 conversations rather than being an expert.” - (1 min read) 👇

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

My dear friend @Shahid Yamin dropped this thought-provoking line in one of my recent conversations 💬 with him.

It truly made me think 🤔 that, with so much more to consider and include in our thoughts & discussions, wouldn’t the outcome be far better if we were just focused on the collaborative creation of the solution for the problem in hand, rather than building or safeguarding our image of how much we know? 

Imagine how much lighter one would feel & how much more value our conversations will drive 🚀, without the pretence of being an expert

We can still be confident 💪 in our game and have opinions 🗯 based on our current awareness and knowledge 📖, but with an honest acknowledgement of the unknown. 

Genuine respect for new perspectives can be a truly enlightening 😇 experience, even if you are an expert!

Do you see this happening in your environment? I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on this.

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