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  • Surayansh Surana

Backing your offer with a guarantee is smart 🧠! It can be a huge competitive edge 👊. Here is why...

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Did you know that Consumer Law👩‍⚖️ in most jurisdictions mandates a consumer guarantee to all goods and services & if not met consumers are eligible for money back 💶!

Here is a 1 min video 👇explaining a simple framework on how to offer a💰Money-back Guarantee to win more business 🚀 while keeping your risk exposure similar if not identical.

Today I want to talk about why it is a good idea to offer a money back guarantee with your products & services. See, most product & service providers, are expected by law to back their offer promise with an implied guarantee. As in if they fail to deliver on the promised value, they will be required to return customer's money.

Despite that very few of us offer a money back guarantee. Whether it’s your personal services or a business, this can be a great advantage to your marketing and help you to truly distinguish yourself against the competition. With pretty much nothing to lose. So here is a high level suggestion on how you can implement this. Start with identifying 2-3 main concerns of your customer which you know if not met you will be bound to return their money.

Create a money back guarantee offer that is tied to the failure in satisfying those areas of your delivery. Make it known everywhere on your social media platform, quotes, your website, etc

Result: Give your potential customers the confidence that will help them make a decision in your favour, while keeping your risk profile similar, if not identical.

Hope this was useful.

Surayansh @Founder’sGO2; guaranteeing business improvement

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