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7 Tips to Find the Right Business Coach

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

How do you know who the right coach for you is? Which qualities should you look for in a coach? Who can help answer these questions? This article answers, and more!

It's challenging to find the right business coach for you. How do you know who the right coach for you is? Which qualities should you look for in a coach? Who can help answer these questions? This article answers, and more!

Seven Practical Tips to Find the Right Business Coach

The word "coaching" is popular in the business world, especially among managers and executives. While many associates it with sports or personal development, coaching has become an integral part of management processes at most companies. However, training coaches and choosing the right one isn't always an easy endeavor.

Don’t Rely on Generic Searches

Companies often rely on a generic shopping list approach - looking for certain essential qualities such as "has time" and "can travel." This approach may work in the short term, but not always. Make sure you take the time to find a quality business coach that is a match for both your company and skillset, or you could risk wasting time and money on the wrong person or program.

In other words, a generic search will not do the trick. It's like going to a singles bar searching for your soulmate - it may work if you are lucky, but it is nothing but a waste of time and energy most of the time. If you want to get solid results, you need to be smart about your search.

Here are some tips and tricks that have worked well for others:

1. Get referrals from trusted sources

If you've heard of a person or program successfully helping others with personal or professional development issues, then it would probably be safe to assume they can do the same for you.

However, before you get started, make sure to confirm that they are indeed the right person or program for you. If the referral is positive, then it's time to reach out and investigate further.

2. Question them

If you're questioning everything about your business coach, then chances are something isn't right. Not all coaches or programs are necessarily right for you. That's OK! There are plenty of other options out there, so remember to do your homework and ask important questions before committing.

Has your coach been certified? What kind of certifications do they have? Who has the business coach worked with in the past?

3. Check their credentials

Ensure to check any credentials, certifications, or references that the coach you want is providing, as these directly affect what they can offer in terms of help and insight. For example, if you are looking for a coach knowledgeable about accounting practices, you should probably hire someone who has an accounting background or experience.

Be sure to read between the lines and look beyond what you are being told. However, if they have no references or experience and zero certifications, that should probably set off alarm bells.

4. Find out why they coach.

This may seem odd, but it is essential because their answer will tell you a lot about them and whether they want to help genuinely. So, for example, if you are eager for change and looking to get on the right track, then chances are you'll want a coach that wants that same thing.

You should never hire a business coach solely for the money or if you feel forced into doing hiring one. Ideally, it should be a personal decision that you come to on your own and one in which you are eager to work with them and learn from their style of coaching.

5. Find out their approach.

Different coaches have different approaches, so ask them how they plan to help in your particular case. If they can't give you answers to the questions that matter, then it's time to go in another direction.

Make sure their values align with yours. When choosing a business coach, it's essential to make sure their values and approach match your own. After all, this is likely someone you will spend lots of time with over the next few months, so don't settle for anything less than you deserve. Do they have a background in your industry?

6. Be sure to understand the investment.

Make sure there is an investment in your business coach and that you will be able to gain a return on it. Whether it's through monetary or non-monetary implications, make sure that you can see how coaching can help your company grow.

Business Coaches are like family members - they should be there for you through thick and thin. But, if your coach can't seem to align with what you're looking for, then don't be afraid to seek out someone else!

7. Are they outstanding leaders?

Are they receptive to change and capable of learning? Are they someone you admire and look up to?

Take the time to explore coaching options in your area. Look around at other programs offering personal or business development so that you can have a point of reference when choosing a coach for yourself or your company. Don't be afraid to ask questions!


If you need help finding a business coach, then use the tips provided here to help you hire the right one for you. If you want more information on the ins and outs of what makes a good business coach or program, then check out other articles on this site for additional insight!

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