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our purpose

The purpose of Founder’s GO2 is to give founders a breath of fresh air (O2). An experienced engine to efficiently solve painful growth and operational challenges of their business. You get instant access to years of learning from working with successful Founders & Senior Corporate Execs. You do not have to repeat other founder's mistakes nor solve your business challenges & opportunities on your own.


We offer Advanced techniques to:

  • Create and/or Refine Business Strategy that Drives Clear Focus & Intended Results

  • Design Compelling Investor Pitch

  • Price the Product & Service to Hit that Sweet Spot

  • Redefine Sales & Marketing Process to Significantly Increase Customer Engagement 

  • Bring Efficiencies to the Day to Day Operations including Optimizing Costs/Budgets, Establish both Lean & High Performing Organizational Structure incl Resource Planning (onshore & offshore) and a Thorough Review & Update of all business functions

  • Helping teams scale economically and quickly by combining 1) years of successful offshore resource hiring & management experience and 2) access to offshore partners with highly skilled technology, marketing & pre-sales resources at ~half the cost .

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