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our EXperience

Trained by the best - 1st hand experience of working directly with successful founders of technology start-ups. Close to 20 years of solid leadership experience in the technology industry, with an exemplary record of leading on-time, on-budget & high quality execution. Extensive experience of working with startup technology enterprises, fast growth companies and big organizations like Department of Defense (DoD), Tesla, Bechtel, Oracle, Aconex & BHP Billiton. Innovative, passionate & results-focused, through FoundersGo2 I bring that extensive experience, skill, onshore & offshore partnerships to the table to help Founders & Business Leaders to reduce costs, solve complex problems, build solid strategy, improve profits, grow sales, develop operations and execution skills throughout the enterprise, manage risk, design team structures, improve processes... Complete Transformation of Business Operations.


I am that certain of what I and my team can offer that I will happily offer a 14 day money back GUARANTEE! 

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